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About the Founder


LV is the founder and executive director of the Black Period(t). Project, a 501C3 dedicated to advocating for period equity in black communities. She attended North Carolina A&T State University, graduated May 2022 and currently resides in Atlanta GA. Originally from Fayetteville, NC and attending Title I schools her entire life -- Lena developed a passion for intersectionalism and her tenure at A&T helped fuel her flame for civic engagement, social advocacy, and community service.


What started off as a small community service event during her freshman year of college has launched into a nationally recognized non-profit organization. BPP is a recipient of the 2021 Victoria's Secret Pink with Purpose grant and a Walmart x Always Period Hero.


When solidifying the values of BPP, it only made sense that our core principals stand around education, advocacy, and of course service. The hope is that BPP continues on this upward trajectory of not only serving the black and brown community but also developing young servant leaders who also believe in our cause. Our work's mission is to ensure that every black person can step into the room, not worried about a stain on their pants, but excited to leave their mark on the world.

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