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Lena Vann is a full-time student studying Supply Chain and Marketing at NCATSU (Aggie Pride). She started BPP her freshman year of college and is truly amazed on how its grown these last two and half years. 


A native of Fayetteville, NC — Lena grew up in a single-parent household and is a product of K-12 Title I Schooling, fueling her understanding of the importance of organizations like BPP for youth in low-income areas. Her goal in life is to see that every menstruating kid does not live their lives in fear of leaving a stain, rather excited to leave their mark.


When she’s not in class, at work, or organizing for BPP, Lena enjoys doing yoga, eating good food, and watching Netflix. 


She cannot thank you enough for supporting and believing in the Black Period Project.

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